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Security Statement

Super Reliable Hosting at Amazon Web Services

Business Hound is hosted within Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure which has been architected to be one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today. It provides a reliable, and scalable, platform that enables you to deploy applications quickly and securely.

AWS Cloud infrastructure meets the requirements of an extensive list of global security standards, including: ISO 27001, SOC, the PCI Data Security Standard, FedRAMP, the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Information Security Manual, and the Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard (MTCS SS 584). For more information about the security regulations and standards with which AWS complies, see the AWS Compliance webpage.

For a detailed list of all the security measures built into the AWS cloud infrastructure, platforms, and services, please read our Overview of Security Processes whitepaper.

Network Security

AWS provides several security capabilities and services to increase privacy and control network access.

Application and Website Security

Ember Technology Ltd. has taken all reasonable precaution to protect your data, Ember Technology Ltd have undertaken 3rd party penetration testing and we regularly scan and update the system to ensure all the latest software patches are applied to our servers.